Nichias Southeast Asia Sdn. Bhd. is a group company of Nichias Corporation. We engaged in trading of Nichias'products, providing technical support in sealing materials and also providing thermal insulation works in Malaysia.

Nichias Corporation was incorporated in 1896 in Japan as a pioneer manufacturer of thermal insulation materials. Since then, Nichias Corporation has been successful in providing a wide range of products and services for various industries.

  • Energy and Industrial Plants
  • Industrial Products
  • Advanced Products
  • Autoparts
  • Building Materials

Corporate Data

Registration No. 340835-X
Establishment Date 9th September 2015
Paid Up Capital RM2.5 Mil
Core Business
  • Industrial Sealing Products
  • Autoparts Products
  • Thermal insulation materials and contracts

NICHIAS Philosophy and Slogan

"The NICHIAS philosophy" declares our determination that the NICHIAS group of companies will contribute to the society on a global scale by providing products and services that have a wide range of functions with the keywords, Insulation and Protection technologies.

"Our Promises" sets forth our attitude of mind and action that we, from our directors to employees, must value in our daily activities. An inverted triangle in the background symbolizes "the inverted pyramid type of operation", our organizational operations of NICHIAS group of companies with the on-site activities of each division positioned at the top, supported by middle management and executives.