Alumina fiber products

Alumina is an aluminium oxide, offering outstanding heat resistance, chemical resistance and strength. It is crystalized and turned into a product by high-temperature treatment.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Alumina fiber based thermal insulation board RF Board 5461
Alumina filamet textile product RUBILON™ Cloth 8350

Heat resistant cloth

Heat resistant cloth provides excellent heat insulation and flexibility, making it ideal for heat insulation applications in hot environments, amid calls for energy saving and safety in virtually every industrial field.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Thin glass cloth MARINETEX™ 8200
Thick glass cloth INSULTEX™ 8400/8401/8402/8403
Silica cloth SILTEX™ 8250
Fire-proofing cloth Refractory Cloth 8300
Alumina-silica cloth FINEFLEX™ Textile -

Various applied fiber products

Inorganic textile products

Flexible heat retaining materials that can be removed for repeated use in valves, flanges, heat exchangers, semiconductor fabricating equipment and other heat radiating apparatus.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Reusable flexible thermal insulation material ENETHERMO™R 4500-R
Low dust generation, reusable, flexible thermal insulation material ENETHERMO™CR 4500-CR
Reusable for pipe heating and insulation jacket heater ENETHERMO™PH 4500-PH