Non-asbestos valve packing

The valve packings are built into the stuffing box of a valve to prevent leakage from the steam portion.


Description Product name TOMBO No.
Heat resistant molded graphite packing GRASEAL™ Packing 2200/2205 series
Non-asbestos heat resistant adapter packing Low Torque Adapter Packing 2250
Non-asbestos heat resistant braided graphite packing Super Seal Packing 2280-S/-S-SQ
Carbon fiber packing NAFLON™ Carbon Fiber Packing 9077
Corrosion resistant PTFE fiber packing NAFLON™ Fiber Packing-T 9033/9034
Corrosion resistant rolled PTFE fiber packing NAFLON™ Fiber Packing-G 9042
Other packing for valves

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