Spiral Wound Gasket (Vortex™)

Spiral wound gaskets are a semi-metallic gasket consisting of a V-shaped thin metallic band plate and a non-metallic cushioning material. Capable of being used even under high temperatures and pressures and offering outstanding sealing performance, the gaskets are used in piping and equipment in a wide range of fields including oil refining, petrochemicals, power generation, and LNG terminals.


Description Product name TOMBO No.
Graphite type Spiral Wound Gasket GRASEAL™Vortex™gasket 1804-GR series
Non-asbestos inorganic filler Spiral Wound Gasket NA Vortex™gasket 1804-NA series
Graphite type Spiral Wound Gasket for low temperature and low seating stress service GRASEAL™Vortex™gasket -L 1809 series
Graphite type Spiral Wound Gasket for Aluminium flange GRASEAL™Vortex™gasket -AL 1809AL series
PTFE filler type Spiral Wound Gasket NAFLON™Vortex™gasket 9090 series
High heat resistant Spiral Wound Gasket Vortex™gasket -GS/-GM/-GH 1806-GS/GM/GH series

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