Kammprofile Gasket

The Kammprofile gaskets dramatically reduce damage to the flange with their special groove geometry. In addition, by using GRASEALâ„¢ (expanded graphite) sheet on the sealing surface layers, the gaskets exhibit better sealing performance even with a small tightening force.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Grooved semi-metallic gasket Kammprofile gasket 1891

Metal jacketed Gasket

Metal jacketed gasket consists of inorganic heat resistant cushion covered by a thin metal plate. It is used for heat exchangers, pressure vessels, equipment, etc.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Metal jacketed gasket Metal jacketed gasket 1841/1861

Metal solid Gasket

Our metallic gasket have been developed for high-temperature/pressure applications where soft gaskets cannot be used or for applications requiring extreme sealing performance. Gaskets made from mild steel, pure iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, special alloys, etc. can be selected to suit the individual application.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Flat type metallic gasket Flat type metallic gasket 1850-P
Serrated type metallic gasket Serrated type metallic gasket 1890
Octagonal type metallic gasket Octagonal ring joint gasket 1850-C
Oval type metallic gasket Oval type ring joint gasket 1850-V
Other solid metallic gasket - -
Hollow type metal O-ring Metal O-seal 9200