Various fiber products

Rock wool products

MG products (made of rock wool) are light and highly flexible, thus offering outstanding handling and workability. They also have high heat retention and insulation and good sound absorption properties and are widely used in buildings and industrial equipment and apparatus.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Thermal insulation and acoustic board MG board -
Thermal insulation belt MG belt -
Thermal insulation and acoustic belt MG MIGHTY ROLL™ -
Thermal insulation and acoustic blanket MG Wired Blanket -
Decorative acoustic materials made of rock wool MG Decorated acoustic material -
Decorative heat insulating materials made of rock wool MG Decorated heat insulation material -
Pipe insulation materials made of rock wool MG MIGHTY COVER™ -
Kitchen exhaust duct fire protection materials CERACOVER™-S 4520-S

Alkaline earth silicate wool products

FineFlex BIO is an exceptionally safe alkaline earth silicate wool that offers outstanding heat resistance, developed in response to growing environment awareness. It can be used in heat insulation, sealing, packing and sound absorbing materials in a wide range of fields including steel non-ferrous materials, petrochemicals and ceramics.
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Thermal insulation bulk FINEFLEX™ BIO BULK 5605
Thermal insulation blanket FINEFLEX™ BIO BLANKET 5615
Thermal insulation Board FINEFLEX BIO™ Board .5625
Thermal insulation Paper FINEFLEX BIO™ PaperT 5635
Thermal insulation Block Modules FINE BLOCK™ 5655-B16/-W13/-W17/-S13/-S17
Castable (Monolithic) refractory FINEFLEX BIO™ CAST 5675
Textile product FINEFLEX BIO™ Textile 5685
Adhesive, coating, and joint filler material Adhesives/Spray Coat -